Robyn Baldwin is a self branded Alpha Female. A former cfl cheerleader, now published fitness model and writer, a fitness competitor, an eBook author, a FitFluential ambassador and sponsored athlete with Magnum Nutraceuticals.

Robyn completed her Honours Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Marketing in 2005 and found a passion in Advertising. She found the psychology of consumer behaviour fascinating and pursued a career in Media (the strategic, analytical side of Advertising) for the past 8 years. She has now made the move "client side" and is the Integrated Marketing Manager at Kobo.

Robyn craves being busy and her fitness journey began over 5 years ago when she started the process of training for fitness competitions in February of 2009. Robyn is a fan of women in the gym who embrace lifting weights, a yoga enthusiast, a new found runner and fascinated with the nutritional side of health.  Robyn researched and trained for a slew of fitness competitions in the Fall of 2009 learning as she went. She successfully competed in 5 competitions that year and became hooked. Robyn then competed in 2 competitions in 2010 and 2 in 2011 and continues to build her brand as a fitness personality in Toronto. 
My Sick Kids Story:

I was 18 months old when Sick Kids Hospital saved my life. It was discovered that I had a double ureter connection from my left kidney to my bladder. Because there were two, the connection point was faulty and I had a reflux of urine going back into my kidney. I was extremely sick and septic. After my surgery, my parents and grandparents took turns staying by my side. They slept on a cot beside my hospital crib.

My mom tells stories that I was a very good patient. She doesn't remember one cry or whine. I apparently was very curious about all the other children in my ward. There was one boy with spina bifida and his parents made a sled on wheels to pull him around. I also got lots of cuddles so I was a happy patient.
My dad loves to tell the story that the Maple Leafs came to visit one day and when one player entered my room I put my fists up and started swinging. Clearly I knew hockey was all about fighting.
Robyn Baldwin
Fitness Personality
Former CFL Cheerleader
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Spin Instructor
Published Fitness Model & Writer
eBook Author - Live Like An Alpha Female