I have always been active in some shape or form since a child. At a young age I earned my black belt in Tae Kwon Do, then for many years I played football up until my late teenage years. I had been lifting since about the age of 15 but for sports and not for aesthetics. At the age of about 19 or so I began to compete as a fitness model as I am constantly looking to challenge myself and body.

I own a one on one life changing training business HAMMER FITNESS with free access to articles, videos, images, tips and tricks on health, fitness, modeling etc. Also I have a store where you can purchase some of my published books, custom nutrition programs and/or apparel. I started my business when I was 21, and have helped over 100 hundred people in over 12 countries.

My words to all of you would be to stay true to yourself, do not BS and lie to yourself. Be honest with yourself and goals, if you want something, do everything in your power to get it! Turn over every stone possible, make sure that everything you do, you do it with 100% of your effort. Utilizing that mindset has really helped me to achieve many of my goals.

Amer Kamra

Transformation/Life Coach
#1 Online Transformation Coach | Personal Trainer of the year-World Physique Magazine | Top 50 Fitness Blogger in the world- Kred | Cover Model- Physique Magazine

NASM-CPT National Academy Of Sports Medicine
CAN-FIT PRO Certified
Functional Movement Screen Practitioner Certified
TRX Instructor Certified
Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Certified
CPR Certified
PICP Level 1
Varbanov School Of Weightlifting (Olympic weightlifting coach)
Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
Precision Nutrition-PN1
Hammer Fitness
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