This cause is dear to Casandra’s heart. Casandra is a former patient and employee of Sick Kid’s. She knows the importance of excellent health care after being hit by a car as a pedestrian.
Casandra had always dreamed of competing in a fitness show. She committed to herself to finally stop making excuses and follow her impossible dream to compete in a professional fitness show. For the next six weeks she trained in secret while still working long 10 hour days as a dental sales rep. In this time, Casandra transformed her body, placing 2nd in the fitness model category.

Her new found healthy lifestyle led Casandra to make the difficult decision to leave her dental career and pursue fitness full time. Casandra believes that you should follow your dreams and live your life with passion. Her passions include Fitness Competitions, modeling and most of all, helping women achieve their dream beach body.
Casandra Bella continued to surprise and impress by placing top 3 at her shows. Casandra is now a proud brand ambassador for Nutrabolics. She has the title, Miss Chin Bikini 2012. She won the overall bikini title at the May OPA show, and continued to the Natural Ontario OPA show to place 1st in Bikini short. Knowing that she was able to do it herself, Casandra now spends her free time helping others, “My goal is to help busy women achieve their health and fitness goals – no matter how impossible they may seem.” Casandra continues to train and hopes to maintain her success in competitions.