Chantal Quesnelle is delighted to be a part of TFC offering information and advice in the Arbonne Info. Booth.  As an avid Marathoner runner participating in dozens of Marathons and Half-Marathons, fitness has always been of paramount importance in my life.  It's one of the reason's I decided to become an Arbonne Independent Consultant.  Arbonne's strict mandate to offer Pure, Safe and Beneficial products with ZERO hormone disrupting ingredients is an integral part of achieving a lean, healthy body.

Chantal Quesnelle (ACTRA, CAEA, B. Mus) has worked in the TV and Film Industry for over 20 years appearing on stage and screen (Canadian Stage Company, Paradise Falls, Odyssey 5, Blue Mountain State, Suits, The Kennedy's, Curse of Chucky ) and has voiced over 50+ television commercials. She has performed with her Jazz Trio at dozens of Corporate Events.

An ACTRA and CAEA member for 20 years, she holds a Bachelor of Music from McGill University. She has been the Voice of MuchMoreMusic, Star TV, Sex TV the channel and is presently the Voice of Fashion Television and Bravo's Playlist.