"Cyclone Manufacturing is a state of the art manufacturing facility, servicing to the leading aerospace companies, on a global scale."

Cyclone Manufacturing Inc. was created in 1964 to fill a void in cylindrical grinding for larger machine shops in the Greater Toronto Area. It expanded its operations to become one of Canada’s first companies to manufacture and grind index able cutters. With further expansions in the 1970s, Cyclone diversified itself by providing manufacturing support to various aerospace companies. Cyclone purchased its first CNC in the early 1980s and by the end of the decade had changed its strategic direction with a focus on the aerospace industry.
As demand increased, Cyclone continued to grow in order to meet customer needs. The second facility which became the head office was purchased in 2003 and provided an additional 80,000 sq ft of manufacturing space for 3 to 5 axis machining. While machining became Cyclone’s core capability, it sought to provide more options to its customers. Cyclone started to provide sheet metal fabrication, tube bending, heat and surface treatment as well as part assembly. The company expanded into two more facilities for a total of four, sized at 40,000, 80,000, 70,000 and 90,000 sq ft.