For over 20 years, Jagger Long have had the honour and privilege to have worked with Mentally Challenged youth/young adults, homeless and behavioural problem youth.  Jagger genuinely believe the meaning of life is simply to 'make a difference' in the world. The EASIEST way to make A Difference is SMILING as often as you can, whenever you can, wherever you can! Another cool way of Making a Difference is by being thoughtful and SHARING ideas, resources with other people and assist with their projects, goals & dreams. However, the FUNNEST way to Make A Difference is through FUNdraising, which is why we are here part of Toronto Fitness Challenge - to have fun with our fitness, break some Guinness World Records AND raise money for SickKids Foundation at the same time!
Each and every Sunday Jagger takes a group of mentally challenged guys out and we do the coolest things in the city: Blue Jay games, Raptor games, movies, festivals, city walks and even some chilling out playing music in the apartment. The group he takes out and himself were actually recently on Oprah Winfrey's TV Channel (OWN NETWORK) on a show called "Life Story Project" where he got to speak about LOYALTY and my commitment to taking these special group of people out every Sunday!
Jagger considers it a blessing that he has grown into a Spiritual person because with his Spirituality he would not be waking up each day giving thanks for being alive, he would not understand and embrace the concepts of Compassion, Acceptance, Karma, Honesty and more importantly, the notion of a "Higher Power."
Jagger is currently working on project with Truestar Health trying to connect the Billion Dollar Health and Wellness Industry  with the Non Profit Charity Industry where 25% of Vitamin and Supplement Sales will be Donated to a Consumers "Charity of Choice"
He simply loves people, love life, love making a difference in the World and it all starts with a SMILE and a random ACT OF KINDNESS!
Different people over the years have called him "Urban Buddha" so he felt it is only fitting to call his Team at the Toronto Fitness Challenge "Urban Buddhas"
If you are a single participant and haven't joined a Team yet, or have a group of friends who want to join a cool team, join him and be an URBAN BUDDHA!

To Contact him to share some inspiration, tell him what projects you have going on OR to join his team "Urban Buddhas" visit