KMG is an Educational and Marketing Company with ENAGIC that specializes in educating Doctors, Fitness Club Owners and Trainers, Yoga Instructors and Heath Advocates about the tremendous benefits of Kangen Water.  Kangen Water is Minerally charged, heavily rich in Antioxidant and Alkalinity, Hexagonally Restructured Water.  It helps the body with maximum absorption and utilization of the Water for Detoxification, Alkalinization, Re-Hydration, Anti- Inflammatory and Anti- Oxidation.


It helps recovery time while working out because the alkalinity of the water is so rich that it neutralizes lactic acid build up.


It helps fight free-radicals that cause tissue damage in the cells with its antioxidant properties. The ORP (OXIDATION REDUCTION POTENTIAL) of -400MV, makes it a very strong FREE RADICAL scavenger hunting to correct tissue damage and flushing out TOXINS out of the body.


The micro-clustering of the KANGEN WATER is restructured water that changes the 15-18 molecules per cluster to 5-6 molecules; reducing the molecules to a third the size, allowing the KANGEN WATER to be absorbed faster in the cells than any ordinary or bottled water. This takes away the bloated feeling that most people have after drinking lots of water.


The machine that produces KANGEN WATER is manufactured by ENAGIC, a company based in Osaka Japan with offices all over the world. The machine is a medical device in Japan used in over 100 of the top hospitals in Japan.
Sege Shotunde
VP | Business Development