Masters of Education
Certified Personal Trainer
Boot Camp Instructor
Youth Health & Lifestyle Educator

“Educating our Youth on How to Live Healthy and Active Lives”

Liz knows there is a strong connection between health and performance. The success of our youth can only be achieved when they are healthy! However, nearly all kids do not get enough exercise nowadays and are uneducated when it comes to knowing how to live a healthy and active life.

Liz’s is taking preventative action with regards to her prime concern, which is, the lack of nutritional knowledge and physical activity our youth participate in. With over 6 years of experience working in schools with youth, and within the health and wellness industry, she has realized that, unfortunately, youth do not concern themselves with their health. There is a lack of awareness and knowledge on how to take proper care of your body with regards to physical activity and making healthy nutritional choices. Many of the health issues adults face today could have been prevented if they were educated earlier on in their lives.

Liz has combined her education and fitness expertise to create the Liz Martino Fitness program. The program contains 3 main components that include learning expectations from the Ontario Health and Physical Education and Science curriculums;
• The ‘Healthy Living’ seminar – Students are taught how to set personal and fitness goals and relevant fitness and nutrition information they can utilize in their everyday lives
• Fitness Assessment/Progress Tracker – Students execute the fitness assessment and are provided with the Progress Tracker to measure their progress and stay committed to their goals
• Fitness Challenge – Students perform a variety of circuit based exercises as a class to enforce that staying active is fun!

Liz’s Vision:

“I aim to bring a healthy change with positive motivation to our youth of today! I want to create a future of healthy individuals who can function at their fullest potential! A youth fitness and health revolution is what I call it! Let’s work together to uphold the importance of the life long benefits that our children and youth will reap when they are taught the proper form of nutrition and the benefits of daily exercise! This way, our future will be strong enough to withstand any form of disease and be able to thrive on our planet!

Let’s make our youth better today, for tomorrow!!!”
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