Marcos Mendosa is a creative source of inspiration well equipped to contribute his talents to the current wave of conscious self-development that has swept through modern day culture. He has excelled in many ventures that he has participated in and has been relentless with his efforts to aspire humanity to reach their maximum potential in whatever venture they choose to pursue.  In 2006 Marcos got certified through the International Coaching Federation as a Personal Empowerment Life Coach and then took his certification and used it to create a series of Performance Seminars through his "YourBestSelf" brand.  Each Performance Seminar has included live musical performances with his fellow band mates A.D.D. (Alternate Drive & Destiny). He often exemplifies these seminars as a fusion of motivational speaking and live music simultaneously. This combination allows audiences to get not only inspired but also intrigued with knowledge and entertainment.

Through the YourBestSelf brand, Marcos started his production company called "MaxPo Productions".  Out of this company Marcos has created such programs as YourBSFM (Radio), YourBSTV, and MaxPo Video Production.

Marcos Mendosa initially got his start in the entertainment industry through his extensive efforts as a songwriter, lyricist, entertainer, and pianist.  Marcos has been performing for over 12 years and is self-taught on the piano.
He currently resides in Toronto, Canada.
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