Nicki Bucci is just a normal girl……

Growing up she was more of a bookworm than a sporty-girl, always preferring to sit quietly and dive into her imagination.  Sports weren’t her thing, in-fact although she was a straight A student in all things academic, she only ever managed to get C’s in Phys-Ed….not someone anybody would ever think would one day be gracing the stages at fitness competitions, vying for a PRO card!

It wasn’t until the age of 18 that Nicki finally fell in love with fitness but unfortunately almost let that love take over her life….she went from a chubby and lazy teen who ate BLT’s with a side of fries and gravy every day at the school cafeteria, to a teen who ate nothing but spinach and cereal, well on her way to an eating disorder!

This is where fate stepped-in; Nicki was glancing at fashion magazines in a convenience store one day and noticed something different.  There it was - a nice shiny fitness magazine with a gorgeous, muscular but feminine model gracing the cover.  Right then and there a light bulb went on and Nicki has never looked back!  Suddenly food was fuel, workouts were empowering and feeling strong was better than being skinny.  That bookworm nature helped Nicki to become an encyclopedia of fitness and nutrition knowledge and she applied this knowledge into shaping her own physique and helping others to discover health & fitness.

Fast forward to present day – Nicki’s passion for fitness and nutrition has not waned, in-fact it’s stronger than ever.  Having competed over the past 3 years in over 8 shows, she has gone from a scared novice to a confident athlete.  Her latest achievement was placing 7th at the 2012 WBFF World Championships and there is nowhere to go but UP!  The sky is the limit on both the competitive stage and in the fitness industry as a whole.

Having graced the pages of several international magazines, as well as appearing in various health and fitness videos and now as a Sponsored Athlete with Nutrabolics, she is spreading the message that anybody can achieve the body and life of their dreams no matter what their starting point is. 

Just a normal girl who will one day inspire the world…..because after all, she is just like YOU!

Twitter & Instagram:  @NICKOPATRA