The OTG3 mantra is that it begins within. Increased energy, strength, stamina, a faster metabolism, healthier skin and overall health are all within your reach with an OTG3 juice cleanse system! OTG3 has taken a unique approach to the health and fitness industry to simplify a cleanse experience, balance and complement a lifestyle on the go.  OTG3 delivers all natural raw vegan juice cleanse systems straight to your door. OTG3 is a nutritional cleanse that will nourish your body without deprivation. We deliver a cleanse experience that will gently cleanse your body without the harsh “detox”symptoms associated with other cleanses so you can cleanse on the go and get on with your day!

The cleanse system series is the perfect formula and balance for a total body transformation for the inside out! This progressive 3 phase series takes you through the natural steps in cleansing, meal planning and fitness. If you want to detoxify your body, eat cleaner, shape up, lean up, and shed pounds for a healthier you! - This is the perfect reset that your body needs! 

OTG3 has been featured in Oxygen Magazine, Chatelaine, Mark Mcewans, LA Fitness and the Mike Chalut show.