Hey you super awesome person you!

Thanks for visitng my page here on the Toronto Fitness Challenge website. My name is PatNess and I’m the founder of Social Media Blog Master, aka SMB Master. I'm also the designer of this site!

I’m an entrepreneur, teacher, web designer, graphic designer, SEO guy, WordPress developer, internet marketer, and blogger! Since 2001, I’ve happily helped over 320 brands with their business adventures online.

“I have a passion for inspiring and teaching people how to become a leader on the web and create a lifestyle they love.”

I’m an entrepreneur at heart with a constant “get it done” mentality and live with integrity each and every day of my life. I embrace challenges and see opportunity and possibilities when working with people. I strive to output my best effort and quality in everything I do!

SMBMaster.com used to be a website that displayed my services (web design, graphic design, printing, etc.).  I no longer offer any of these services as I now make a comfortable living with income produced by my web businesses and blogs. I get to work when I feel like working and travel when I feel like traveling. I love inspiring and teaching people all over the world about how I got to where I am today. If you’re interested in knowing more about how my businesses operate, visit my website Build a Blog School.

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