Paul Galloro is an instructor, educator, and presenter in the fitness industry.  Living a healthy and active life has always been important to Paul, and and became an even greater focus when he discovered Yoga in 1997.

As an educator, Paul is a master trainer for YogaFit®, a former canfitpro PRO TRAINER and former instructor for Seneca College’s Fitness and Leadership certificate program.  As a fitness professional, Paul is certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, and Nutrition and Wellness Specialist through canfitpro, currently teaches group fitness classes LMI BODYFLOW, BODYVIVE, YogaFit 200-RYT, YogaFit Sweat, Hot Yoga, and his own specialty Pilates-based program, pauLates, in Toronto and Richmond Hill.

Paul also works at the YogaFit® Canada corporate office in Toronto as the Marketing and Hosting Manager and master trainer where he travels across Canada and the US spreading the love and joy of Yoga to teachers and students.