He has broken 60+ Guinness World Records, and captured
international public attention doing the seemingly impossible,
and by breaking astonishing world records in many categories.
He currently holds more than 20 records that have still not yet
broken by anyone.

His incredible feats include 1,000 consecutive hours of
running, 84 hours of consecutive drumming, Running on a treadmill for
168 hours to cover 659.27 km, and bowling for 168hrs. He has carried a
4.5 kg brick in a nominated ungloved hand in an un-cradled downward
position for 126.675km, done non-stop crawling for 56.62 km, riding up
and down an escalator 11.791 times, , Radio DJ 120 hours, dribbling
a basketball for 156.71 km in 24 hours, running 100 km on a
treadmill in just over 7 hours, 100 hours of continuous dancing,
24 hours moonwalk, performed non-stop musical 42 hours, rocked on
a rocking chair for 75 hours, watched TV for 69 hours on Regis & Kelly

And the list goes on.

What is truly amazing about Suresh is that he can learn
anything very quickly in a short time. He has been breaking world
records since 1996 and his objective is to hold records in many different
categories, including the record for most current records. His ultimate
goal is to break 500 world records in 20 years.


Growing up in the war torn region of Jaffna, Sri Lanka,
where world peace was a mere mirage and growing up to be a positive
individual with a mission to eradicate war, was no small feat.

At the age of 10, Joachim was introduced to the Guinness Book of World
Records, where he saw the achievements of the likes of Michael Jackson
and his charity efforts for children in need. This is where Joachim found
his path. He soon decided that to achieve his idealistic dreams, he
needed to first earn and then command a significant amount of social
acclaim and the #1 position in the Guinness Book of World Records.

He decided that his contribution to achieving his idealistic dreams
was through fame, social acclaim and a mention in the Guinness Book
of World Records. But Joachim wasn’t just satisfied with a one-time
mention in the Guinness Book. He would go on to breaking many
records after that.