By Fighters For Fighters!!


Our mission is to make MMA known as a professional sport along side with all of major leagues(NHL,NBA,NFL etc..). Also the biggest part of our mission is to provide fighters with sponsorships so that they could reach the top. We provide fighters with any aid possible to help them achieve there goals. We even have custom music made for fighters so that with there walk out T's they have a walk out track made and tailored to the fighter. Ultimately the fighter will reach the top which helps the sport grow and with out them we are nothing.

Company Overview

 Take The Risk is a company focused on MMA. We provide our customers with clothing and gear which is fashionable and very modern. Our modo is MMA redefined By fighters For fighters. Its redefined because we are the only company which put a fighters vision into each product.


Take The Risk provides you with wonderful products that help you in training, or simply just make you look good. We have a fashion line releasing all the way from T's to hoodies, jeans leather jackets and even watches and hats. We provide fighters with all the wear they need inside the ring and outside the ring.