I always grew up with an interest in activity and as a child I was actively involved with soccer, swimming, gymnastics and track and field. You could say I was a tomboy because I was most likely to be found climbing a tree or catching snakes in the creek by my house.

In my early teens I pursued a career in modeling, and after being blessed with years of an exciting and successful career I was diagnosed with an extremely rare autoimmune disease, which turned my world upside down. As a result, it changed my focus from modeling to health and wellness and I have since dedicated a huge part of my life to doing everything I can to continue with a positive and high-energy lifestyle.

Since beginning my pursuit, I have not only improved my health, my strength and my body but I have absorbed an immense amount of not only knowledge, but personal experiences that truly enjoy sharing with each and every one of you!

Tania Z
Marketing Specialist at vitamindrip™
Health, Wellness & Beauty Blogger
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