About Us

At Totally Awesome Events we are committed to providing the Best Speakers and Trainers available today to Enable You to Transform Your Dreams and Goals from a Wish into a Reality!

Totally Awesome Events’ Mission

To provide the best transformational seminars and events on the planet. To change the lives of people like you, with families like yours, so that you virtually manifest more time, more freedom, and a better quality of life for yourself and those you care about and love.

Our Transformational Speakers

Our speakers aren’t just professional speakers – they have also been where you are and have produced proven results in the areas that matter most to you and your family. We don’t believe in promoting guru’s whose only success has been in selling you a book or seminar on how to be successful. After all, if they really knew how to become successful – shouldn’t they already have the results to prove it? And don’t you deserve to work with an organization who will guide you the whole way, taking you by the hand, instead of just taking you by the wallet?

Imagine attending a training where the fluff was removed and all that was left was hard core proven success techniques that you can start implementing right away. Don’t you deserve to have the best health training, the best wealth training, the best relationship training? And don’t you deserve to be supported while you implement? Aren’t those the kind of events, the kinds of speakers, and the kind of support you’d rather experience when you make an investment in yourself? After all, personal development is an investment, and shouldn’t you be demanding the best rate of return possible for that investment?

You and your family deserve that!

Rob & Bob

Rob Provenzano & Bob Carr

Founders – Totally Awesome Events Ltd.