At Voxx Sports, our roots are in sports. We’re committed to the spirit of competition at every level and we’re passionate about those who push the limits and unleash their maximum potential.

As fans and athletes ourselves, we know how important it is to find that extra edge. That’s why we’re dedicated to raising the level of performance for everyone in every sport & activity.

Our goal was to take the knowledge from over 45 years of research and findings and apply it in a practical and easy way. When the body’s nervous system operates effectively, the body is able to reach its performance potential. Our focus was on the athlete and the game. Make the science applicable and usable.

Enter Voxx Sports. With either the VoxxPower Guard or VoxxSol Performance Insoles, you’ll increase strength, balance, stamina and range of motion. The VoxxPower and VoxxSol use our proprietary technology, instantly increasing your athletic potential and protecting you from injury.

Shatter your limits with Voxx Sports.