My unique story is one of family, focus, motivation, teamwork and inspiration..........however in these days of Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemons the story is also one of approaching fitness and training from a new direction........that of the “total athlete”.

In 2011, at the age of 53, a drug free 165 lbs amateur powerlifter for 17 years, I defied all odds by breaking my first Guinness World Weightlifting Record open to any athlete, any age, any weight class performance enhanced or not.

September 2011 I attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the most amount of weight lifted squatting in one hour which was 125,065 lbs set in 2009 by 32 year old “Six Pack” Ryan Lapadat.

At 9:50 am EDT September 15, 2011 on Live with Regis and Kelly I officially broke the record, exceeding my target weight; lifting 127,245 lbs over 904 squats live on the show in one hour........... The weight lifted was equivalent to lifting 18 African Elephants in one hour or about 800 times my body weight at the age of 53!

Then at 5:00 pm September 29th 2012 in Niagara Falls I set my second Guinness World Weightlifting Record in one year live on National TV.  This time for the “Heaviest Sumo Dead lift in One Minute” lifting 10,535 LBS in 60 seconds. The weight was equivalent to lifting 350 cases of water or 55 times my body weight in one minute at the age of 54! 

 Currently I am training to set/break another one minute Guinness World Weightlifting Record in September 2013. The weight will be Approximately 10,850 lbs to 11,000 lbs and equivalent to lifting 375 to 400 cases of water in one minute or about 60 times my body weight at the age of 55!

 As in the past, the effort to break weightlifting world records is to bring attention to the fact “Age is not a Barrier” and adults can continue to remain healthy and get stronger longer than even before, well into their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and to stress the fact that “steroids are not necessary” to reach new heights in athletic performance – it’s about “training as a Total Athlete”!  The goal is to raise the awareness and success of “drug free” performance among young amateur athletes throughout North America.

Media Coverage of Walter Urban Plus Feature Reel

Live with Regis & Kelly and Sports Day in Canada (10 minutes – actual coverage)

Freedom 55 – 60 sec Commercial - Advertising Campaign

Walter Urban Feature Reel

 The Discovery Channel - The Daily Planet April 18th, 2012 Feature (About 8 minutes of National Coverage)

Child obesity, rampant steroid use, unhealthy adult lifestyles, etc. are not the only headlines people need to read! Anyone can be strong and healthy, young or’s just a matter of knowledge, a plan, expert medical and mental support and lots of hard work!