Melissa Tucker Holistic Nutrition Seminar

Saturday, June 6th
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Melissa's Fitlicious Holistic Nutrition Seminar is about re-connecting with whole foods to create a balanced nutrition plan and expands into suggested supplements that will optimize your health and food enjoyment!

Menu Planning - By attending this session participants will have all they need to design a personalized menu plan that will optimize their health and support their fitness goals.

What macronutrients should you include in each meal to optimize your health and fitness goals?

Learn which foods, vitamins, minerals and supplements will increase energy, optimize sleep, decrease stress, improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and increase fat loss and muscle gain.

Melissa will give you shopping, cooking and prep tips with recipes for each meal to make eating at home and on the go deliciously fit into your busy day!

Bonus Snack Attack

Melissa will also discuss countless cost effective, delicious Macro Snack ideas to increase energy, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and guide you through how to make the best fast food choices when you're on the road.

Workshop is free with the purchase of a SATURDAY 1 Day Unlimited Pass.


Seating is first come, first serve. For reserved seating email



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