Zumba Fitness® Party "Feel the Music" Experience

Leading the class:

Zumba® Education Specialist, Zumba Fitness, LLC.
Co-Founder & Owner, The MOVE Fitness & Dance Studio Inc.

Nile Saïd takes fitness and fun seriously. As one of eight Canadian Zumba® Education Specialists, Nile travels across Canada leading Zumba Fitness sessions and classes, bringing his knowledge and passionfor fitness to every participant he teaches. Nile works closely with Zumba Fitness and its creators at internationally recognized conferences. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Zumba Shop Canada (zumbashop.ca), plus is the co-founder and director of The MOVE Fitness & Dance Studio in Newmarket, Ontario with his wife and fellow ZES, Tamara Saïd.

Zumba® Education Specialist and International Presenter, Zumba Fitness, LLC.

With more than 20 years of dance and fitness experience, Amanda brings an overabundance of energy and knowledge to every class or workshop she teaches. She has travelled across Canada teaching Zumba® Instructor Trainings, presented at various fitness conferences and at the annual Zumba Instructor Conventions.

Amanda has been featured and appeared on various Zumba Fitness DVD presentations, plus is the co-creator of Broadway Lights, a specifically tailored session designed for Zumba Instructors to include Broadway tunes into their classes.



Sat, May 31

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Nile Saïd
Amanda Grant



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